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  • Fire & Rescue

    Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Teams (HUSAR), Urban Search and Rescue Teams (USAR), Fire and Rescue, Ambulance and even Mountain Search and Rescue Teams require compact, portable, easily deployable and transportable water purification systems that will go anywhere and work in the most extreme environments.

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    Remote Industry

    We make finding and operating the right water purification system for your remote mining, exploration, forestry or outfitter camp easy. We’ll help you kick the bottled water habit and save money.

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    Services & Solutions


    Innovative water treatment systems and solutions including reverse osmosis (RO), ultra-filtration (UF), ultra-violet (UV) light disinfection, granular activated carbon (GAC), organic tannin remediation and more.

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    Proven solutions for water storage, handling and transportation including potable water pillow tanks, bladders, onion tanks, hose, heated hose, pumps, water heaters, sinks, tap stands, grey water systems and more.

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    Canadian product distribution and representation including Amazon.ca channel management, active wholesale accounts, bi-lingual packaging design and labeling, fulfillment and logistics and more.

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    On-site installation, training and commissioning services, train the trainer packages, tech support, emergency response and more. We’ve trained and supported disaster rescue teams, municipalities and remote private industry.

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    Let our Wholesale Distribution team represent your product in Canada

    We distribute top brands like Aquatabs, IceMule, BottleBright, ENGO and Glasstic to a growing Canadian Market. We handle marketing, bi-lingual packaging, brokerage, duties and taxes, logistics and more. Our proven network of buyers is waiting for your product.

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    About Us


    With over 25 years of experience in the water industry, we have the experience and know how to handle your project.


    Customer service is our first priority and we’re here to support you 24/7. Our team is here for you.


    An extensive catalog of products, partners and technologies allows us to approach your project differently than most.


    Experience, dedication and innovative thinking enables us to offer clients cost effective solutions below industry standards.

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